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Letter To Binyamin Religious Council, Tammuz 5765

The following is a translation of the ruling of the Rabbinical Council comprised of the rabbis listed. The Hebrew version may be viewed at

The Words of the Rabbanim HaGa'onim

Rabbi Ya'acov Yosef SHLiT”A
Rabbi, Giv'at Moshe, Jerusalem, Hazon Ya'acov Foundation

Rabbi Dov Lior, SHLIT”A

Rabbi of Qiriyath Arba-Hevron

Rabbi Mordekhai Eliyahu SHLIT”A
Rishon leTzion, Former Sefardi Chief Rabbi of Israel

Rabbi Zalman Nehemiyah Goldberg, SHLIT”A
Member, High Rabbinical Court

Rabbi Avraham Elqanah Kahane Shapira SHILT”A
Rosh Yeshivah, Merkaz HaRav, Former Ashkinazi Chief Rabbi of Israel

(Listed according to the order of signatures)

To: Mateh Binyamin Religious Council
B”H 22 Tammuz 5765

We, the members of the Rabbinical Council appointed by the honorable “Rishon leTzion” Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, Shilt”a, to check the complaints and the concerning the rulings of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner on issues of family purity. After reviewing much testimony, both verbal and written, and in the absence of cooperation from the side of Rabbi Aviner (who did not come to the despite our requests), we announce that in light of the data which is in our possession, we are convinced that there are things he teaches which are not according to Jewish Law, and there are things which are which appear to the public as permitting the forbidden” (Yoreh De'ah 242:10).

And thus, we have arrived at the conclusion that it is forbidden for Rabbi Shlomo Aviner to provide instruction of Jewish Law on topics of marital relations (menstruation, stains, appearances, the prohibition of a woman to her husband, and those related issues).

We request that the Religious Council bring these things to the attention of the public, primarily in Bet-El and the surrounding area, and to announce that one should not turn to him for these questions.

Ya'acov Yosef
Dov Lior


B”H Surely I have seen the written and signed above, and I join it.

Mordechai Eliyahu


Trustworthy are the words of Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, SHILT”A, and I share in his opinion.

Zalman Nehemiyah Goldberg


To the Council of Rabbis
Peace and Blessing

Surely I have seen the letter of the honorable council: Rabbi D. Lior, Rabbi Y. Yosef, with the addition of signatures from the Rishon leTzion Rabbi M. Eliyahu and Rabbi Z. N. Goldberg, and it is self-evident.

Avraham Shapira

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