Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Aviner Is At It Again

20 Sivan 5770

Aviner made the news again....

What the Ha'Aretz article (below) neglected to mention was issue of Shlomo Aviner's rulings on niddah, ketamim, and marot which caused former Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu to call him to appear before his bet din.

Shlomo Aviner wrote to Rabbi Eliyahu, in his own hand, saying that he would appear,...but then never did.

Because he refused to appear, and because he is suspected of instructing Jews to transgress issurei karet (prohibitions punishable by being cut off from our people), Rabbis Lior, Y. Yosef, E. Levanon ruled that one may not ask Shlomo Aviner any questions of Jewish Law or read his articles or books.

Whether he is correct or incorrect on the issue at hand, sperm donation, is irrelavent. His "rulings" are to be ignored until he appears before the bet din to answer for his rulings on toharat hamishpahah (family purity).

Settler Aviner