Friday, July 8, 2005


1 Tammuz 5765

The figure and attached note (translation) below was taken from (Appendix 4). It can be found at the end of the summary of the course of events leading up to the letter from the Rabbinical Council to the Binyamin Area Religious Council.

It is only one of many pieces of evidence which was brought to the attention of the Rabbinical Council for consideration.

It is placed here, in a separate post for clarity.

Rabbi Ya'acov Yosef wrote the lines above on the envelop to which he attached [a sample] of menstrual blood. He even wrote in the question of whether the sample was clean as if it were [the women's] seventh clean day. The envelop was sealed and handed to a messenger.

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner wrote the single, underlined word below: Tahor (ritually clean).

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